Sleeping In The Trees: Luxury Treehouses For The Child In All Of Us

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a tree house that was more luxury than old rickety wood? Did you know you actually can do this near Mohican State Park in Ohio in the US? For one of the most unique stays you’ll ever have, look no further than The Mohicans. There is nothing better than feeling the sway of the trees and waking up to look out a window that is at the perfect level to see the birds sitting on the branches.

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The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

When people think of tree houses, they probably hearken back to childhood memories of rickety wooden planks nailed to the sides of a tree that lead up to a bare space that may or may not have four walls and a roof. While they were fun to play in as children, most adults wouldn’t find a tree house from yesteryear suitable as a place to stay the night and certainly wouldn’t think they could call it luxurious. That is one word I would use to describe The Mohicans tree houses though.

These tree houses are AMA-ZING not to mention comfortable, spacious and they let visitors literally sleep in the trees. What nature loving adult and child doesn’t dream of something like that?

The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

Featured on Animal Planet’s hit show “Treehouse Masters”, The Mohicans, a 75 acre plot of land with a half acre fully stocked pond near Mohican State Park, exhibits some of the best that the show’s tree house enthusiast, Pete Nelson, has to offer. The world renowned tree house designer came to Ohio in May of 2012 to assist and co-design in the building of the first tree house, The Brew Haus, on the grounds. What started as a brewery in the trees was then converted to a tree house for sleeping after  the show’s success. Nelson went back in March of 2013 to help build a second, the White Oak tree house, too. Since then, the owners Kevin and Laura Mooney have built two more, have one currently under construction and have plans for about six more dreamy places to sleep in the trees. One of those dreamy ideas will also be co-designed with Roderick Romero another “Treehouse Masters” host. That tree house will designed for a bride and groom to honeymoon.

The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

We were invited to stay in the Old Pine Tree House. This is the only tree house nestled into the only pine tree grove on the premises and can be accessed via staircase which leads to a suspension bridge. Constructed with 100% reclaimed wood and materials including 100 year old barn siding and hand hewn beams, this tree house makes you feel as though you’ve stepped right into a cabin of yore that was somehow hoisted up into the trees. The rustic cedar roofing and interior furniture really gives off the vibe that you are one with the nature that is closely surrounding you.

It’s almost as if this tree house were always in the trees the way it fits so perfectly into the surrounding forest. The numerous windows on all of the sides of the cabin also add to this vibe that the reason to stay here is to commune with the trees, birds and mother nature and enjoy some time disconnected. If you do want to leave the cabin a bit, head to nearby Mohican State Park. There are 13 miles of hiking trails in Mohican State Park and 32 more miles of hiking trails in the adjacent State Forest. There are 8.5 miles of mountain bike trails and bridle paths too. And those are just the selling points for visiting written down on paper. Some of the paths are even equipped with wooden planks making them easy to walk on for young children. If you get the map of the park, there is also a great driving course. Some of the suggested views to take full advantage of the park include the gorge overlooks, a covered bridge, a discovery forest and the Pleasant Hill Dam built in 1936. The driving course allows one to see all of these and a few more along the way. You should also head into town to eat at Hanover House Diner. We ate there TWICE while we were in the area and it was great both times.

While the decor and outside construction are rustic, there are still touches of luxury including an indoor bathroom with a standing shower, a small kitchenette for things that you don’t want to whip up outside on the grill, a living room, a first floor bedroom, an upstairs loft bedroom and even a patio with room to sit and an outdoor shower, too! And all of this fits comfortably into a tree house!

The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

This is definitely NOT the tree house you built as a child.

The tree houses on the grounds have been lovingly and painstakingly designed and created with sustainable design concepts in order to respect and protect the gorgeous environment in the area. Repurposed materials like windows, doors, barn beams and cabinets have been incorporated into the houses that have been built with locally sourced materials. Not only have the materials come from the nearby vicinity, but the construction crew including local Amish master builders who pride themselves on construction without electricity and waste helped in order to support the sustainable values that the owners hold. Also, a big shout out goes to the Amish crew that Kevin has worked with. He confessed, “As far as my Amish crew, they did every type of work on the tree houses from roofing, electric, plumbing, cabinet making, floors and septic. You name it. Pete [Nelson] was only able to frame out the tree house. It took Pete’s crew one month to do what my Amish crew did in one week.” Maybe that means we can expect to see some more tree houses very soon at The Mohicans.

Owners Kevin and Laura Mooney have incorporated the “Leave No Trace” land ethic into their business plan and they haven’t just done this for promotional reasons. Spend five minutes with Kevin and you quickly realize that he is an avid naturist and excited about the prospect of educating others on protecting the world around us. While many people might find the idea daunting, Kevin makes it sound easy (because it is easy) to live a sustainable lifestyle. Not only have they sourced local materials and laborers in the building, but they’ve continued their efforts by using non-toxic cleaning supplies and detergents in all cabins. There are pamphlets of information available in all cabins about how patrons can help and explains why there are environmentally friendly dish soaps, toiletries and paper products on the premises.

This is truly the place to go in order to appreciate while showing respect for the stunning nature that this world offers to us.

Another aspect of the tree houses and cabins that is extremely appealing was the attention to building them to be family inclusive which means elderly members and handicapped members are welcome and able to enter and sleep comfortably. Kevin wanted an entire family to feel as though they could come here and spend time together without anyone being left out. Having this accessibility is just another factor that makes the stay on the Mooney property that much more appealing for all the right reasons.

The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

The Mohicans is the perfect place to go for a romantic nature getaway or for a family reunion. The Grand Barn at The Mohicans is also a beautiful structure on the grounds for weddings, too! The Mooney’s have really thought of everything. From the tree houses that can sleep 2 to 4 people comfortably to the enormous cabins that can sleep 8 to 15 guests, there is space and luxury in a rustic and chic surrounding.

The Mohicans, Mohican State Park, treehouse stay, Ohio, USA

The Mohicans should top anyone’s list of places to stay should they be headed to Ohio. What’s more, people should head to Ohio just to experience The Mohicans!

We couldn’t have been happier with our stay here and I highly recommend it to anyone that I hear is head to Ohio. It’s truly a special place and the owner and family are so passionate about what they’re doing. Do not miss your chance to stay here.

The Mohicans

Address: 22650 Vess Road, Glenmont, Ohio, 44628, USA

Phone: 740-599-9030



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Sleeping In The Trees, Luxury Treehoouses, The Mohicans, Ohio, USA: These tree houses in Ohio, USA are AMA-ZING not to mention comfortable, spacious and they let visitors literally sleep in the trees. What nature loving adult and child doesn't dream of something like that?The Soul of Seoul: Sponsor Banner

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  1. Perfect place and AMAZING tree house very comfortable and with character.

  2. Ami Bhat says:

    So fairy tale like. The Mohicans definitely have got their tree houses right. Sounds like you had an amazing experience.

  3. Julianna says:

    That is gorgeous! If I could have built treehouse like that as a child, I don’t think I’d ever have left them. What a great place – I’d love to go.

  4. Sarah Kim says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous place! I love that window. And yes, this is not like a child’s treehouse. I want to experience it myself!

  5. That is so cool. I never had a tree house when I was a child, couldn’t even dream about these. For some reason I thought then that witches live in tree houses, maybe it came from some cartoon.

  6. Louiela says:

    I am so impressed with these Mohicans tree houses… The way they built, the interiors and the surroundings how I wish to stay there… So close to nature. A relaxing haven. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We had treehouses as kids too, but they sucked as accommodation. They were just a few boards and a lot of imagination. These treehouses are so warm and rustic and inviting. We stayed at a nice treehouse once in Ohio and we loved it.

    • Hallie says:

      More tree houses in Ohio?! The owner was telling me there are only three tree house communities like his in the US. Was the one you stayed in private? I’d love to know where the other one is.

  8. This is like bucket list accommodation! It sounds like a fantastic experience – I would LOVE to sleep in a treehouse – this would probably class as glamping right? I love that they’ve incorporated the “Leave No Trace” land ethic into their business plan … it’s fantastic to know that you can enjoy yourself on a unique experience that promotes respect for nature too 🙂

    • Hallie says:

      Yes, glamping, camping.. tree house! I say it all fits into a category nicely. A very nice stay indeed and with sustainable practices too. Best of the best for sure.

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