The Most Artistic & Picturesque Park In Seoul

Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Seoul Garden ExpoPeace Park or Pyeonghwa Park (평화의공원), one of the five parks in the World Cup Parks system, just played host to The Seoul Garden Expo 2016 this past week. The park, already a highlight in the area with a picturesque lake and numerous species of plants to enjoy, is also a location for artistic outdoor elements.

With the Seoul Garden Expo, even more elements were added to the enjoyment of spectators. The autumn flowers are blooming right now and the reeds are starting to brown and blow in the wind. Don’t miss the view!Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: FlowersPyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Stream & Bridge Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Seoul Garden ExpoEach park in the World Cup Parks is picturesque in its own way and Peace Park’s highlights include outdoor art sculptures, a stream and a large pond with a boardwalk to walk and sit on as well as nature nature nature! The willow trees wave in the wind and there are almost always flowers somewhere blooming in the park. In the spring, this is one of the best places to see cherry blossom trees with almost no one in sight. Off the beaten track is an understatement… most of the year. Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Leaves & Stone WallPyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Baby & a Bunny Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Flowers

Like most things in Korea, this park does have peak visiting times and they’re all during the summer weekends, so miss those and you’re bound to experience some gorgeous nature growing every which way and you might even be able to find some bunnies that scamper around and are pretty used to the human element in their park. They’ll eat clovers right from your hands, if you’re not a two year old that tries to catch them. Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Seoul Garden Expo Outdoor Art

The artistic sculptures in the park are everything from stark white walls juxtaposed against the trees and flowers and wind chimes in the shape of a square that beckons visitors to stand inside and hear and feel the vibrations of the wind singing. There are brick and stone walls with plants growing between the cracks and cocoons made of wooden planks with seats inside. There is a chair perfect for someone 50 feet tall and all of the sights just add to the fun in the park. The photo-ops are endless and children can run this way and that, climb all over and it’s just fine. There are also areas for children to sit on little tree stumps for a story time program that is scheduled. The area for story-time is open any time though so if you have a group of kid in tow, it’s easy enough to wrangle them there too. The paths are numerous and winding and there are paths for pedestrians and separate ones for the bicyclists too so (hopefully) there are no accidents while everyone takes in the sights and sounds.

Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Seoul Garden ExpoPyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, KoreaPyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Outdoor ArtWhile this could be enjoyed for an entire day and a picnic, there are still four other parks in the World Cup Parks system too. There’s a meta-sequoia lined path on the back of of the hill of Sky Park and there are plots of flowers and more in Nanji Stream Park… along with more bunnies too. There’s an ecological park and, there are sunflowers, views of the Han River and more! From summer until the next summer, there is so much natural scenery and fun to enjoy in this area that I’m glad I don’t live anywhere else. The best times to visit are during the week and weeknights or the mornings during the weekends to miss crowds that may rock up for one event or another. But really, other than the hot summer months, this park has so much space to spread out, the few people that do wander the grounds regularly barely bump into each other.Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Flowers

Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: FlowersThe ENTIRE World Cup Parks system is a must-see in Seoul for any nature lover, but it is impossible to see the WHOLE thing in one go. Numerous visits are necessary to really enjoy this beautiful and substantial parks system.

Pyeongwha (Peace) Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Autumn Leaves and a Flower

World Cup Parks


서울 마포구 성산동 487-359

487-359 Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea


Subway: Worldcup Station, exit 1. Walk straight to the main street and turn right. Walk straight along the large road and Sky Park will come up first across the street. If you want to go to Nanji Stream Park, hop onto the Mapo local bus 08 at the bus stop under the bridge just outside of the stadium and get off a few stops down the road.

Bus: 7011, 7016, 470, 670, Mapo local bus 08

Worldcup Park map1. Noeul, Sunset, Park

2. Haneul, Sky, Park

3. Nanjicheon, Nanji Stream, Park

4. Nanji Hangang, Nanji Han River, Park

5. Pyeonghwa, Peace, Park


Haneul Park & Noeul Park
Jan: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Feb, Oct: 9:00am – 7:30pm
Mar, Sep: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Apr, May: 9:00am – 8:30pm
Jun, Jul, Aug: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Nov, Dec: 9:00am – 6:30am

Pyeonghwa Park & Nanjicheon Park
Open 24 hrs. a day, year-round

Admission: Free


Parking, wheelchair rental, restrooms, sports facilities, jogging/biking paths, children’s playground

The Most Artistic & Picturesque Park in Seoul, Pyeonghwa Park, World Cup Park, Seoul, Korea: Numerous parks dot the city of Seoul in Korea but THIS park is by far the most picturesque with an artistic twist. Outdoor sculptures juxtaposed with nature mean many photo-ops in this beautiful yet substantial outdoor playground.

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  1. Sally E says:

    This park looks amazing! I love that it’s such an immersive experience and the fact that you have to return several times to see it all. It makes for a fun adventure every time you visit!

  2. Amandas_Wanderlust says:

    I love this! The Peace Park looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love the way it is landscaped to be quite natural, and especially the wild flower areas like the poppies. The sculptures seem to just fit perfectly within their context too. Seems like a lovely place to spend a day.

  3. Ivy says:

    Wow what a beautiful park! I would’ve never guessed this is in Seoul. And it comes with bunnies too! Sounds like the perfect place for some quality famjam time.

  4. I loveeeee the flowers! It looks so lovely! It looks like a peaceful place to visit.

  5. Hung Thai says:

    Wait… are those bunnies wild or is somebody taking care of them? They look so fluffy and clean. You also mentioned it will take several visits to see the whole thing, have you done that? How many days did it take?

    • Hallie says:

      We live near by so we go all of the time. If you were planning on going and wanted to see all five parks, I’d say that you’d want to give yourself a few days just to really enjoy each part. The bunnies are wild but there are some grounds keepers that also take care of them. Thanks for the questions!

  6. Wow these are such wonderful pictures that have mention in the post of Nature, Baby & art. This post is really appreciable for it’s amazing art & I wish to see more similar post here.

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    […] was the location of the gardening expo last year and though it was already quite artistic, it is now even more so. There are so many cool photo-ops […]

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