What Everyone Is Missing Out On In Yeonnam-dong

Because Yeonnam-dong is fairly new on the scene as far as neighborhoods beckoning hipsters and hipster-look-alikes, the colorful facades that blanket the area are still mostly just for locals eyes only.

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People flock to the area to visit one of the numerous cafes done up to get those all important Instagram hashtag compliments and the eateries that are serving up more than just the standard Korean fare. A lot of them are pretty good don’t get me wrong. I’ve been enjoying the influx of delicious foreign food stops within walking distance of my abode… finally! Most people just stop at the Gyeongui Line Forest Park and don’t go much further though and miss out on some of the most colorful paintings and murals the area offers up for viewing.Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Murals

While other areas are well known for their mural clad walls and colorful entrances, Yeonnam-dong has not gotten hyped up for the beautiful exteriors so many of he buildings and tunnels in the area possess.

Maybe that’s a good thing though. While some locals in other popular mural laden districts have taken to painting over murals because they don’t like the onslaught of visitors, that issue doesn’t come up here because no one is really going for a wander off of the well laid out side walks and grassy lawns from the subway station.Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Painted home Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Painted home Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Painted homeAs such is the case, I thought it prudent to share some of the photo-worthy places in Yeonnam-dong that are scattered in the area but missed by most of the visitors and kept secret by the locals. I won’t be telling you specifics on where to find them though because I wholeheartedly believe everyone just needs to follow their feet and have a good hunt and exploration now and again. Don’t head into the area for that one snap but take your time, enjoy it and see what you can see. The alleys can be narrow, the cafes small, but the murals and mosaics are colorful and the coffee delicious.

Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Grassy Sidewalk Views Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: DoorwayFrom the well manicured new park that brings people to the area, the side walks are lined with old homes and new apartments. Old doors here and new gates there.

Grass and flowers and trees galore, there’s much to see and so much to explore!

If you really want to enjoy the area, look up from that phone and go for a wander to see what you can see.Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea: Painted Shopfront

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What Everyone is Missing Out On In Yeonnam-dong, Seoul, Korea. The colorful murals and mosaics dot the area that is now popular for cafes and eateries and hipsters galore, but there's more to be scene that only the locals know about.


Directions: Hongik University Subway Station, exit 3. Walk straight out of the exit and you’ll see Gyeongui Line Forest Park. Walk north (or right) off the park and you’re in Yeonnam-dong.

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  1. Some of the murals are really great. I will add them all to my Street Art Board in Pinterest for you. We were to go to Korea last July when we left Mongolia and somehow went to Nepal instead. Wish I had chosen Korea I think.

  2. Chantell says:

    It is incredible to hear that some places are actually painting over their murals because of too many tourists. Wow – I never thought about that. It’s good to hear that this place has been able to maintain it’s low profile, whilst still being a beautiful area with a lot of stunning art work. I would love to take a wander.

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  2. January 21, 2018

    […] super cool exterior all done up in lights that welcomes patrons in to this chic but homey interior. Set in a corner of Yeonnam-dong that might be overlooked, it’s a good spot to sniff out. (Bagel MTL on […]

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