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KMF Korea, Itaewon, Seoul, KoreaI recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Gideon Roth the regional director and foreign representative for Krav Maga Federation Korea, the only official Wingate Institute accredited Krav Maga school in Asia. With fourteen years of experience in Krav Maga, he is the most experienced instructor on the peninsula and he wants to spread the word that he has self-defense classes for you!KMF Korea, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea

Krav Maga Federation was originally developed in Israel by Expert Alain Cohen. It is the official self defense system and hand-to-hand combat used by the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli National and Military Police. Originally a system of techniques for professionals in the security field, it has now been adjusted to provide an accessible self-defense program for civilians. Gideon explained that “Krav Maga is supposed to use controlled aggression and techniques to escape an attack and most importantly get home safe, if de-escalation doesn’t work, i.e. talking the attacker down from being aggressive, evasion, re-location, etc.”

Gideon went on to say that “Krav Maga appeals to many people due to its efficiency, its focus on using natural or instinctual movements and attacks and defenses, its scenario-based training and realistic views on being attacked in real-life.” Classes are offered at a couple locations for civilians in Seoul but the majority of those classes are located in their Itaewon Total Martial Arts System Gym.

On June 25, The Soul of Seoul teamed up with KMF Korea to promote a women’s self-defense course. Due to the recent attacks on women in Seoul that were highlighted in the Korean and foreign news we thought it only appropriate to get the word out that there are venues open and welcoming to women to give them the tools they/we need to protect and defend ourselves. Not only is this relevant here, but it’s relevant everywhere.

The course, taught by Gideon Roth along with Corey Blumenthal and Brendon Spencer who are both brown belts in Krav Maga and are the official instructors and coordinators for the women’s self-defense course on Saturdays, was a big hit with those that attended. Corey and Brendon have both completed the women’s self defense instructor level 1 and 2 courses and are officially certified and permitted to teach through Krav Maga Federation. Corey and Brendon also hold an instructors certification for Krav Maga Civilian Techniques through Wingate Institute – Israel which is considered to be one of the most sought after certifications for Krav Maga. Their instruction was easy to understand, relevant and they provided step by step movements for even the clumsiest of us to follow along. They were open to any and all questions and took the time to provide one-on-one instruction to each student so that everyone walked away enthused, confident and most importantly better prepared than when they walked in the door.

The course covered applying scenario-based solutions and Krav Maga techniques to threats against women traveling alone and expats living abroad. It addressed a gamut of physical attacks including but not limited to: thievery, weapon threats, rape prevention, being restrained, usage of improvised weapons, ground defense and more. The course was for all levels including complete beginners with no previous martial arts experience and it seemed the majority of the women that attended were beginners eagerly interested in learning anything and everything they could.

“The class on Saturday was excellent! Everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to get to work on things. It was a lot of information in a small amount of time, however I think it was a good general overview of what we do and they should have picked up some useful information and techniques for traveling here and abroad,” Gideon said after the class.

The attendees were just as thrilled after class saying:

“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! Had a great time, and realized that we are capable to do a lot of things to react and protect ourselves against danger!!! A class worthwhile taking!!!”

“A class worthwhile taking indeed. Thank you so much. I had a great time. Sending hugs^^”

“Thank you Soul of [The] Soul of Seoul Tours for promoting this event. It was great and will definitely be coming back again. KMFKorea you guys are amazing.”KMF Korea, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea KMF Korea, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea

To learn more about KMF Korea, check out their website and get in touch with this great group of people to learn some necessary defense tactics. KMF Korea is directly affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Sports which means that all certifications come from Israel, are documented via a VIN number and registered in a database that can be accessed worldwide which ensures legitimacy of belt level and documents each students progress and level.

Whether you’re in it just to be better prepared for your future traveling, living or otherwise or you’d like to work-out while learning some necessary skills and earn some belts along the way, check out KMF Korea.

Itaewon TMAS Gym


3F, 119-19 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

용산구 이태원동 119-19 3층, Seoul

Directions: Itaewon Station (line #6), exit 1. Walk straight 40m and turn right just after Istan Blue (lamp store). The entrance to TMAS is on the right.

Phone: 010-7659-0559 (Direct) OR 02-796-7976 (Desk)

Current Classes (Itaewon): Monday – Friday: 9:00pm – 11:00pm; Saturdays 11:00am – 12:00pm & 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Website: Korea, Itaewon, Seoul, Korea

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