Scavenging For S(e)oul

The Soul of Seoul Tours: Scavenging For S(e)oul Poster

Here is an event you won’t want to miss!

Come for some fun. With clues in hand, teams will race to find as many locations as possible from cultural hot spots to traditional architecture and even some friendly local eateries too. They’re all in the mix. How much do you know about Seoul? Come test your knowledge with some great people and if you have the stuff, you can even win some fabulous prizes.

The event will kick-off in the famous Gwanghwamun Square and will culminate at Beer O’Clock a local expat owned pizza pub in Sinchon where we will tally the points while you sit back and relax to chow down and await the announcement of winners.

Sign up as a team of four or if you don’t have a team, not to worry, sign up anyway and we’ll find a team for you! The more the merrier is what we say. We highly recommend getting in the team spirit by dressing in matching colors, shirts or even preparing your own team motto. Hey, you may even get some extra points if you do! (Hint hint)

To sign up, head over to our Facebook Page.

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2 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    How fun! Sadly we won’t be here anymore by then. Will share though 🙂

    • Hallie says:

      That’s too bad! Thanks for sharing. It will definitely be family friendly… for families with kids that like to solve clues and run around. ^^

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