Every Single Day: Nothing Of It & An Interview

Korean band: Every Single Day; members Sung Nam Moon, bassist, Je Woo Jeong, guitarist and Hyo Young Kim, drummer.

After four years, the Korean indie band Every Single Day has released their 6th full length album titled Nothing Of It.

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Not that the three-piece band hasn’t been busy though. Over the past four years they’ve been working tirelessly making music for the popular Korean dramas Golden Time (골든타임), Cheongdam-dong Alice (청담동앨리스), I Can Hear Your Voice (너에목소리가들려), Miss Korea (미스코리아), Gap Dong (갑동이), Pinocchio (피노키오) and The Time We Were Not In Love (너를사랑한시간). By 2015, the band was ready to jump back into the studio to make music for themselves and the fans that have stayed by their sides… or their Ipods. I got a chance to ask the guys some questions about the new album which they’d actually been working on between dramas when they had the time according to bassist and singer Sung Nam Moon (문성남).

Nothing Of It features new songs and also some old favorites that have been re-done or collaborated on. “Tick Tock”, originally from the drama Pasta, the first drama the band wrote and produced music for back in 2010, was reworked with the female vocal styling’s of Lee Sang Yu (이상유) of Rocket Tree (로켓트리). When discussing how they chose the songs to pull from their past, Sung Nam explained that “on the original Pasta OST we thought “Tick Tock” didn’t sound as good as it could so that’s why we chose to give it a make-over on this album and it came out great.”

Korean band: Every Single Day; members Sung Nam Moon, bassist, Je Woo Jeong, guitarist and Hyo Young Kim, drummer.

“Going Down”, originally an instrumental background song from from the drama Miss Korea, was showcased on this album in it’s entirety with the vocals included. “”Lucky Day”, “Sonagi” and “Echo” are three of our most popular songs and people consistently request to hear them so, we thought it’d be fun to collaborate with some other artists or in the case of “Echo” to re-do it in a harder rougher way,” guitarist Je Woo Jeong (정재우) disclosed.  “Lucky Day” was given a reggae redux with the beats and brass sounds of Ska Wakers (스카웨이커스) and the bands made a collaborative music video to go along with the song. The sounds of the two bands meshed extremely well and they even made a fun video to go along with the release of the song. Je Woo had this to say about the new version:

Lucky Day was originally a fun uptempo song so we thought if there was a brass section, it would add an element that wasn’t there before. We’ve played at concerts with Ska Wakers a few times before so we contacted them and it worked out really well. They are also from Busan and they still live there so at first we did everything through email. We sent them the song, they played a brass section, then sent it back and we listened and added more and then sent it back and forth a few times before we actually met.

Originally we hadn’t planned on making a video for the song, but Ska Wakers were headed up to Seoul for a weekend to attend a wedding, so we met up with them for one day and shot a really fun video with them in our studio and around Hongdae.

“Sonagi” was given a No Brain (노브레인) punk mix with the singer Lee Sung Woo’s (이성우) unique voice. Fans of No Brain may recognize some of the guitar chords played in the new version of “Sonagi” as Je Woo strums bars from No Brain’s popular “넌 내게 반했어” at the beginning and during the guitar solo as a tribute to the singer and their collaboration on the song. Drummer Hyo Young Kim (김효영) described how the band and Sung Woo only met up for a few hours on the collaboration. Because he’s an old friend of Sungnam and Je Woo, it was an easy “yes” to collaborate and within just a few hours, the vocals were recorded and done. 

“Hourglass”, originally off the Golden Time OST, was amped up with the voice of Jeong Cha Sik and was rearranged electronically by Je Woo. He had wanted to use the unique voice of friend and fellow musician Jeong Cha Sik because “he has the ability to sing both very low octaves and very high.” His voice gives the song both an eerie and calming presence which suits the song well.Korean band: Every Single Day; members Sung Nam Moon, bassist, Je Woo Jeong, guitarist and Hyo Young Kim, drummer.

When asked about their favorite song on the album, the guys had this to say:

Je Woo: “”Going Down” because I have liked this song since the very first time we jammed and came up with it. I came up with the guitar riff for this song first and then Sung Nam added the melody. It’s  a bit different from our other upbeat songs and has a deeper calm sound which I like.”

Sung Nam: “”Sweet Illusion” because it’s just us. The other songs on our album have keyboards and synthesizers and some other additions but this song is just our main three piece band. It’s straight from us to you and I like that. I also like the lyrics.”

Hyo Young: “”바람에 밀려” because when I heard the demo version of this song the first time, I already liked it. Je Woo and Sung Nam had made a drum demo for me to hear. It’s not Sung Nam’s normal melody style. It’s a bit different for us and I liked that out of the box style.”Korean band: Every Single Day; members Sung Nam Moon, bassist, Je Woo Jeong, guitarist and Hyo Young Kim, drummer.

If you haven’t picked up the new album yet, or downloaded it as the kids are doing now, make sure you do. ESD’s sixth album showcases both new and old songs that all of their fans are sure to adore.

Every Single Day Nothing Of It; Korean indie band CD coverNothing Of It

  1. Reminisce
  2. Ready To Love
  3. Sweet Illusion
  4. 틱톡 (Tick Tock) (with 이상유 (Lee Sang Yu))
  5. Going Down (Album Version)
  6. Lucky Day (with Ska Wakers)
  7. It Could Be Love
  8. 에코 (Echo) (Album Version)
  9. 소나기 (with 이성우 (Lee Sung Woo))
  10. 바람에 밀려
  11. Tonight
  12. 모래시계 (Hourglass) (with 정차식 (Jeong Cha Sik))

*All photos in this post provided by the band Every Single Day.

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