October On The Go!

Are you applauded when you walk into a room? I am.October On The Go: Baby & Hallie

It’s one of those humorous things our eleven month old does. When she wakes up, she sits herself up and then she claps or when I come into a room, she claps. She obviously hasn’t figured out that applause is generally used to proclaim a job well done or awe of some kind for an amazing event or concert. She has figured out that clapping makes noise though and when we hear noise, we hop to. And so, I am applauded every time I walk into a room which no matter how I look at it is amazingly wonderful. “Thank you. Thank you,” I say to her as I enter and so the day or afternoon begins.

Year after year I’m saddened by how quickly autumn comes and goes in Korea. One day the days were sunny and warm while the nights were cool and the next, so it seemed, the days were just as cold as the nights and there’s no getting away from those puffy coats and parkas. Winter is upon us but autumn could really just last a few more weeks and I would be okay with that. The leaves quickly change from green to reds, yellows and oranges and if you don’t take advantage of the two weekends at the peak of autumn, before you know it, the leaves are on the ground and being swept away.

This month Every Single Day had a concert to preview their fans with some of the tracks that’ll be on their upcoming album to October On The Go: Every Single Day, ESDbe released in November. The baby and I decided to head to the event since it was in Hongdae and was one of those more casual concerts. We walked in and as the fan girls, who I haven’t seen in quite awhile due to the baby, saw our bundle of joy who is much more than a bundle now, they swooped in to swoon and cuddle. They hadn’t yet seen her in person. The little one may have gotten a bit more of the attention than ESD did, especially with her jiving, applause and yelps of happiness throughout the show but I don’t think anyone was upset about it. Once she starts walking, I probably won’t be able to keep her off of the stage anyway.

(This isn't my photo. One of the fans posted it and you can see ESD jamming with me and the baby on the side though. Babies and bands. The life.)

(This isn’t my photo. One of the fans posted it and you can see ESD jamming with me and the baby on the side though. Babies and bands. The life.)

I went to my first kids cafe this week. I’ll have to write up a post about it but I totally felt comfortable, not like the discomfort often felt at trendy cafes where I may be the only one or one of just a few people with a baby. While this kids cafe was pretty trendy, since everyone has a baby when one yelps, screams, squeals, chews on something not for chewing or whatever else they might randomly do, there’s no shock or disgusted glances. Plus, the bathroom is definitely equipped with a changing table unlike oh so many bathrooms in this country and there’s plenty of space for babies and toddlers to roam without getting themselves into trouble. Oh, the life I now lead of mommy nights out with other mommies and play-dates.

I have to admit that I am enjoying almost every moment of mommy life but the only thing I miss about life before a baby is the restaurants and food. I haven’t had Japanese curry from our favorite joint in so so long. They don’t have highchairs and they don’t have take-out. I haven’t had Japanese ramen either. Nights out at Korean grill restaurants are few and far between, BUT we did find a restaurant very nearby that has highchairs and beef, HOWEVER, they don’t have a bathroom suitable for children let alone babies. Greek lunches and taco Tuesdays are apparently behind me but here’s hoping I can get out to my favorite spots again… sometime… soon…

October On The Go: Baby

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  1. Helena says:

    We’re planning a family trip to Korea next year–probably a couple of weeks at the beginning of September–and I’m wondering if we’ll catch any of the fall weather at that time of year.

    I just ran across your blog–your daughter is precious!

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