Every Single Day: Rocking Out With a New Album

My husband, Jae-oo Jeong, has been super busy lately in the studio with his bandmates jamming and recording new songs as well as collaborating with other bands on old songs for an upcoming sixth album to be released at the end of this year. To get people pumped, they’ve been releasing a couple digital singles each month for the past two months and will continue to do so for another couple until they release their entire album at the end of November.

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Every Single Day has worked tirelessly over the past few years composing and recording music for popular Korean dramas like “Pasta”, “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “Cheongdamdong Alice”, “Golden Time”, “Pinocchio” and many others.

For their sixth album they decided to not only record new music but also to take some of the drama music that fans have loved and rework them with new stylings and collaborations. Fans of the dramas have fallen in love with the stories they see on TV as much through the plots as through the soundtracks and ESD has appreciated all of the love that they’ve received due to their hard work. This album is a sort of “thank you for the love and thanks for sticking around for our sixth album!”

To start the two single release fun, at the end of August, ESD released “It Could Be Love” and “Lucky Day (w/ Ska Wakers)” a collaboration of their popular song “It’s a Lucky Day” from the Korean drama Pasta. Not only did they release the two songs, but just a week later, they surprised fans with two new videos to go along with them.

At the end of September, ESD followed the previous months stunners with two more songs: “Going Down” (고잉 다운) and “Sandglass” (모래시계 with 정차식) which featured the vocal stylings of Cha Sik Jeong which I personally found extremely appealing. Cha-sik definitely has a way with music, doesn’t he? The singles can be downloaded on ITunes for those interested or even better would be to hear the music live, right?Every Single Day

This weekend, Every Single Day will be playing a free concert at Yeonnam-dong Dumb and Dumber’s Live Pub in Hongdae. The show will be a preview of what is to come on the 6th album and not only will they be playing, but they’ll also stick around after the music to talk with fans, answer questions and grab some drinks. Any questions you hope to have answered in English should be sent to their Facebook page or emailed to fish@mcreply.com.

Come on out this weekend for some live music and a chance to talk with ESD. They’d love to meet the people enjoying their sound. ^^Yeonnam-dong Dumb and Dumber Pub

Every Single Day Live Concert

Venue: Yeonnam-dong Dumb and Dumber’s Live Pub

Directions: Hongik University subway station, exit 2. Walk straight and turn left up the third street. The pub will be on your left.

Admission: Free (The band will be collecting donations to split with the pub for hosting them though.)

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    Hello from Dallas… Came across your blog while I was researching ESD, I love their music. South Korea is at the top of my list to visit soon. Great blog, will check out your travel posts.

  1. October 31, 2015

    […] month Every Single Day had a concert to preview their fans with some of the tracks that’ll be on their upcoming album to be released in November. The baby and I decided to head to the event since it was in Hongdae and […]

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