The TrickEye Museum: Revamped

The TrickEye Museum in Hongdae recently had 60% of their artwork revamped and I, along with some friends, were invited out to have some fun and see what they had to offer. To be honest, I have never been interested in the TrickEye Museums around town and wouldn’t have gone out if it weren’t for this invitation. In the end though, we had a great couple of hours of fun and it was even rather baby friendly.

Using “trick of the eye” techniques, visitors can step into the artwork and are invited again and again to touch touch and touch as well as to photograph endlessly to see how the 2D paintings become 3D optical illusions with you becoming apart of the art. The floors, ceilings and walls have been painted with vibrant colors and arrows are placed on the floor where the photographer should stand to get the full effect on camera.

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Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Trickeye Museum

The first room is an underwater world with dragons and sharks, a “note” or really a person in a bottle, dolphins and, randomly, some unicorns. Because this is the first room people enter, you can imagine the chaos that occurs here. People falling over each other to get into poses in the right spots and since the whole room is painted and is a backdrop it’s a bit tough getting pictures without other people in them. Not to worry though, as you go on the crowds dissipate because it seems they tire of so much visual stimuli. My tip: take a few pics in the first room and then move on. You’ll get away from the crowd and move into a room with artwork spaced out a bit better.

The second room is a collection of classical artwork, Halloween-ish witches and really the theme sort of ends for a couple rooms until you end up at the carnival collection that was just established. Lacking a theme doesn’t mean the pics aren’t still fun to take though. Babies crawling up walls and seemingly floating in mid-air will always be fun so in that sense, the next couple of rooms provide the amusement you’ve gone there in search of.

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The renewal features a room known as “Carnival Street” giving visitors an opportunity to become the grotesque and weird that one thinks of when visualizing carnival games and odds and ends. There’s even a mirror maze to walk through at the very end. Some of the artwork is really astounding and if you’re not afraid of looking dumb posing, you’ll be sure to get some good pics by the end. In person… everyone looks pretty dumb, but once on camera, the images really come alive so don’t be shy.

As an added bonus, we also got to head into the Ice Museum on the same floor. It was freezing and with babies we didn’t stay long, BUT in the hot hot summer, this would be a nice respite from the heat. It’s also a good way to get into the Christmas spirit because there are a lot of icy Christmas sculptures. The TrickEye Museum was a little fun on an otherwise hohum day. If you’re looking for something to liven up your day in Hongdae, it’s a good place to scope out.

TrickEye Museum

357-1 Seogyo-dong B2 Mapo-gu, Seoul

Hours: 9:00am ~ 9:00pm (last admission at 8:00pm)

Admission: Adults: W15,000, Children/Seniors: W12,000

Directions: Go to Hongik University Subway Station, exit 9. Walk straight until you come to an intersection with a crosswalk and a light. Cross the crosswalk still walking straight from the station and after crossing, turn left. Walk straight and turn right onto the second alley and the TrickEye Museum will be past the first alley on your right.

Amenities: Parking lot (VERY FEW SPOTS AVAILABLE), bathrooms, caricature artists, cafe with drinks



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The Trickeye Museum, Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: The TrickEye Museum in Hongdae, Seoul recently had 60% of their artwork revamped. This is often listed as a must visit for tourists to Korea. It's definitely a quirky fun stop!

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