August On The Go!

This month my toes were getting antsy. I needed to get out of Seoul and do something. It’s been a long summer of not attending music festivals with my husband and not being outside nearly as often as I’m used to being in the summer and it hit me hard. After some prodding, I convinced my husband to head down to Anymyeondo on the west coast and then just two weeks later, I decided Anmyeondo hadn’t quite hit the spot so, I got some friends to come with me and the babe to Naksan Beach on the east coast. While I’m still feeling a bit of the cabin fever left-overs and am left looking through photo albums of past trips gone by, I can already tell that this little bug I’ve got attached to my hip will be a travel bug just like her mother.

Nine months with her has flown by and we’re starting to plan more play-dates, outings and getaways and she’s handling it all pretty well. There is one boy who squeals every time he’s happy, which is a lot, which makes her cry every single time though. It’s humorous and not at the same time. She looks at him for a moment after each squeal with this expression to say “how could you just make that noise?” before she looks at me and frowns and starts to fuss. He is the singer’s son from Every Single Day though and he’s only two weeks older than her, so these two are going to see lots of each other and better become buddy buddy soon. It sort of makes sense that he squeals though… his father is a singer after all. We (the mothers) figure he sees his dad sing all of the time and thinks making loud noises is a must. They learn fast don’t they? Ours has figured out how to strum a guitar so I guess she is picking up some of what her father does too.

Summer is fleeting and I’m looking forward to the changing colors of the leaves and cooler weather breezing by. What are you looking forward to this autumn?

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  1. The maple trees and the cool breeze 🙂

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