The Vault: A 5D Fun Frenzy

Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: The Vault Escape RoomFood, drinks and a game that includes mystery, intrigue, clues, lasers and puzzles? My kind of night out. The Vault is that something different you’ve been looking to do with your friends this weekend. As a competitive person as anyone in my family, friends or my camp coworkers can attest, this was right up my alley so when the owner Huw-Morgan Evans invited me over to test out his 5D reality escape room, I couldn’t pass it up. When you first walk into the space, you’ll be immediately impressed by the size and number of tables available. If there are already groups in the game rooms, not to worry, there’s food and a variety of drinks available. Huw will also probably be around concocting new drinks so ask him what he’s made lately when you arrive.Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: The Vault Escape Room Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: The Vault Escape Room

Sign up for a game and sit down to talk strategy with your friends while you wait and by strategy I mean decide who will be crawling on the floor to get through the laser maze. You also need to decide the difficulty you’re prepared to try. The rooms are available in Easy, Medium and Difficult. The two rooms currently available are the Mission Impossible Laser Room and the Stalker’s Treachery Spy Room. I tried medium in both rooms and I’ll concede that I did manage to escape the Laser Room within the allotted time, but I wasn’t able to steal the diamond. Ideally, you’ll want to steal the diamond and escape the room. Huw said that so far, only 30% of the groups have managed to even figure out how to escape the room, so I’m one up on the group that couldn’t even get out. As for the Spy Room, it’s more mentally difficult and Huw remarked that less than 20% of groups had succeeded or even gotten half way done. Of the two groups that had succeeded, Huw was one of them so keep that in mind. Be prepared to head back to have your try again or head there with a new group a few weeks later and look like a pro because you know what you’re doing.

Girls, do not even think about wearing a skirt or some sort of clothing you can’t maneuver in. You’ve got 45 minutes to make it through and escape the room before your time is up! One of the great things about The Vault is that the rooms will be changed up every 6 months or so, so you can head back numerous times and have a different experience each time. To play, it costs just W10,000 but if you plan to eat or drink, you can play a game for a cheaper price with a combo pack. There’s also a membership program they’ll be rolling out in a few weeks based on number of visits and rewards points for completing a game and completing it faster than a certain time. Be sure to check out their website, but even better, stop by even just for a drink and see what’s up. This Saturday, June 13th, Huw will be offering some pretty cheap drink deals from 4:00pm to 4:00am. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in Hongdae looking for something fun to do with some friends.


서울특별시 마포구 서교동 364-4 NS타워 B2

B2 364-4 NS Tower, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Phone: 02-338-8639 (Korean); 010-6439-3271 (English) Available from 2:00pm ~ 2:00am


Amenities: parking available


Facebook:, Seoul, Korea: The Vault Escape Room


*All photos in this post provided by The Vault’s Facebook page. 

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