Crazy Multiply Shows Archaioposterii: The Ides

Crazy MultiplyThis month, the Crazy Multiply art collective tried something new. While the collective has shown short one night get-it-while-it’s-hot art with live music and craft beer up until now, this month they went all out for a week long show. Last month, Crazy Multiply showcased artists in a show entitled Archaioposterus and while the Yogiga space they’ve shown out of for some time offers a great atmosphere for the party type shows they’ve had, there just wasn’t quite enough space to show all of the wonderful art the artists had prepared so continuing the artsy fun and momentum from that show, Archaioposterii: The Ides was born.

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Artists including me, Albert Che, Tony Clavelli, Gina Dargan, Cara Friedman, Megan Ratliff, Jenny Robinson and Amy Smith were able to fill the our Monster space in Mullae-dong with some amazing pieces.

“Beware the Ides of March.” The words spilled from the mouth of the doomsday soothsayer and into the ear of Julius Caesar. The word that marked simply, the midmost day of any given month in the Roman calendar, became an omen and it is recognizable as such even centuries after Shakespeare penned the details surrounding Caesar’s betrayal and untimely death. A long, dark shadow has been cast upon the ides in consequence and they remain warped as omens to this day.

Omens themselves are the great signifiers of change, both of fates fortuitous and naught. Their message can be ascertained from the entrails of sacrificial animals, or observation of both natural and unnatural phenomenon. The great diviners were given the responsibility (or burden) to decode these messages at the behest of their fellow men.

The visions of the artists in Archaioposterii will be up to you, dear viewers, to decode and divine such as the fates would wish it. May the winds of change blow ever favorably in your direction.

The pieces were all really interesting and intricate and if you missed the show, be sure to follow Crazy Multiply on Facebook and look out for future events because this group is sure to continue showcasing talented artists as well as musicians.

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