Rooftop Art & Graffiti in Mullae-dong

Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street ArtMullae-dong is an area that was once only known for it’s metal works but for the past decade has experienced an influx of independent artists that have set up studios in the area making it popular for another reason. These artists came to the area from places like Hongdae and Daehagno that, due to popularity, saw rent prices increase. Fortunately, Mullae-dong hasn’t seemed to have experienced the same popularity as those areas and artists can thrive in the grittier back alleys. By day, sounds of metal being hammered into submission and visions of sparks flying as fire torches make contact with metal tubes and sheets contrast with the lights in windows that allow one to peer in to artists’ studios by night. The area is alley after alley of gruff looking men in dusty overalls that watch with slight interest as young people make their way through the streets finding the paintings and graffiti that now cover the walls of buildings and fences. Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street Art

I had gone there almost a year and a half ago and when the opportunity came up to head back, of course I was excited to see how the place had changed. To be honest, very little has changed as far as how the place looks in the light of day. Men still make their living pounding metal this and that into different shapes for businesses across the city. On my last trip, I stuck to the alley-ways and saw what I could see, this time, the group I was with led us to rooftops. I was surprised to see that even the shanties on the roofs hadn’t been neglected by the artists in the area and murals were painted making beautiful backdrops for some of the photos we were going to shoot for the day.

Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street ArtSeoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street Art

Check out my original post for more information on Mullae-dong and then grab your camera and head out to find what you can and don’t neglect those stairways leading up because you too might be able to find some “hidden” rooftop art.Seoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street ArtSeoul, Korea: Mullae-dong Street Art

Directions: Mullae Station Exit 7. At the first street on your left turn left and then an immediate right into a small alley, begin searching down the alleys from there.

Oh, and yeah… look at me in a photoshoot. HA! Oh the opportunities that could only arise in Korea. ^^ You may also recognize Saul Goode from the Hip Hop group The Part Time Cooks and filmmaker Marco Tessiore being photographed with yours truly.

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