August On The Go!

August On The Go: Goodbye JejuSummer is coming to an end and I’m looking back thinking I didn’t get nearly enough beach time in. Then again, I was pretty busy with other things. So it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would say. After finishing up the camp down in Jeju through the first week in August, I got back up to Seoul in time to finish up the last preparations for another Crazy Multiply Art Show. After showing my own artwork in one of the shows a few months back and then being asked to start curating with the group and shadowing them for a show, this was the first show that I actually curated along with Amy Smith. From finding artists to bands to planning the layout and emailing artists and bands almost weekly to answer questions or to ensure everything and everyone was prepped and ready, there was a lot of work to do. The show went pretty well, but as two of the ladies that had previously ran it had moved back to Canada and it was just me and Amy running it, of course there were some growing pains and quite the learning curve for how we work best together. The next show should be even better than this one, but this was a great show to curate as my first with Amy.August On the Go: Crazy Multiply Dwell ShowTrying to finish up work in an effort to take it easy for my last month of pregnancy coming up in October, I spent this month getting in the odd jobs as a speaking contest judge and English interviewer and anything else I can do that still allows me to have a good nap when I need to. I don’t tell the employers I’m pregnant because in Korea, people tend to think pregnant woman, either one month in or seven months along, just can’t work. That’s bunk of course so, I show up and as this is the first month that I’m actually looking pregnant and not just like I love beer with a passion, the reactions have been across the board. People, or I should say women, because men either couldn’t care less about how exhausting and uncomfortable it is to make a child or just can’t tell, have started getting up for me on the bus. I’m jazzed about that as I’ve been waiting to actually look pregnant and not just feel like it.

Though my husband wants me to slow down, and I have, I really have, I can’t just sit around on my butt every day. I still have to get outside and enjoy the weather, the energy and the people of the city. My bed time is about 9:30 these days though and talking with me after that is just no use because I’ll be trying to my darndest to listen, but trust me, I won’t remember a thing said. We made two trips down to Busan this month, one for the Busan Rock Festival where my husband with Every Single Day was playing for a gigantic crowd. The second trip was for Every Single Day to play at the smaller, but no less fun, Busan Sunset Live Festival over near Songjeong Beach. Loud music may be something I have to miss out on for just a bit quite soon so I’ve gotta get my fill now.

The rest of the month was filled with an impromptu hike, just a short one, to see Seoul’s Seokguram Grotto, eating stuffed squid at Gwangjang Market, laughing at the funny positions my cats sleep in when they’re hot and watching the spider outside our house devour gigantic bugs.

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