July On The Go!

July on the go, pregnant 23 weeksThis month flew by and I really don’t know where the time went. I flew myself down to Jeju to do a little work and do a little play for two weeks and actually, I’m still here! Jeju is sometimes called the Hawaii of Korea. It’s an island down south that is pretty great. I think some of the tourist stops added in recent years can be a bit too commercial and ridiculous, but overall it’s a place not to be missed. Why is there an African Museum or a Greek Museum on this island after all? The natural beauty of this place is enough for me and if you’ve been following along the past week, you’d have seen that I’ve been posting a bit about my stay from Sanbang Grotto to Gapa Island.

A pretty nice, though maybe not for my husband who can’t be with me, moment happened a couple days into getting to Jeju; my belly finally popped out. I was definitely looking more like I’d just eaten a big burger for lunch and less like a pregnant woman up until this point. Gosh was it about time! I’ve been waiting for it to look more pregnant so instead of me awkwardly rubbing my belly on buses and subways to tell people I’m in need of a seat, maybe they’ll get up on their own now… if they appreciate how difficult and exhausting it is to grow a human. At 23 weeks, there was just a burger in my belly, which you can see above. But just two short weeks later at 25 weeks (6 months) into the fun of pregnancy, the little girl inside of me decided to poke around and make some more room.pregnant woman pregnant womanMy belly may not be as big as other people at 25 weeks, but the doctor has assured my husband, who was the one that was worried, she’s healthy inside. We got a beautiful blanket in the mail that we’re eager to use with the babe and other than that I’ve just been enjoying the very green green green Jeju… and the random pony that we met on a walk. Anyone have any must sees in Jeju? And more specifically the western side of the island?

Just for good measure, because there should always be a cat picture included in any On The Go! post, there’s Mae on a Monday morning very unhappy to be waking up… like most people on a Monday.

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  1. Ellen says:

    That was always my favorite part of being pregnant with my girls, when you’re showing but still feeling that lovely 2nd trimester energy. Enjoy the rest of your time in Jeju!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! 🙂

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