June On The Go!

At the beginning of the month we headed to the States and enjoyed three weeks of New Orleans, Louisiana eats, Seagrove, Florida ocean views and Denver, Colorado family fun. By the time I finally got back to my Seoul abode I was ready to hunker down and stay put for the entire week and I’m not kidding, I only went outside twice. Unlike other trips home, we didn’t actually go to my hometown in Ohio, we spent the trip traveling here and there and everywhere which made it that much more busy, that much more tiring and of course that much more exciting. Highlights from the trip included eating po-boys in the French Quarter and listening to jazz music live in a park, swimming in some clear blue water on a white sandy beach for a week and getting to see James Taylor play at Red Rocks in Colorado and of course doing it all with my family that I only get to see once a year.

Seagrove, Florida with the family

In Louisiana, we ate far too much and of course as I usually forget and then remember Seagrove, Florida with the family, Hallie & Jae-ooagain upon returning to the States, the dish sizes were far too large for one belly to possibly eat. But, my eyes were larger than my belly and I pushed on and tried to finish each jambalaya after po-boy after shrimp creole dish presented to me. In Denver, we found a large Asian market with tons of Korean food straight out of Korea on the shelves which makes a decision to move there when we return to the States sometime in the future that much easier. I sang to James Taylor hits at Red Rocks that Jae-oo didn’t know, but he flipped out when he recognized the drummer, Steve Gadd, and the guitarist, Michael Landau on stage with James Taylor so, the show was a sure highlight of his trip as well.

Seagrove, Florida with the family

We got to share with our family that we’re having a baby girl and when I got back to Korea, I got back to knitting a blanket for her as well as cleaning up the overgrown rooftop garden we’d planted just a month ago. Apparently, when you leave a garden and the rainy season starts, you’ll come back to quite an overgrown mess, but there were also some delicious surprises in there too.

Seagrove, Florida with the family Seagrove, Florida with the family

I told a few people to head on over and pick what they wanted while we were away, but no one took me up on the offer. I guess no one eats as many veggies as I do, or likes them as much, so there was a lot for me to dig into on my return. I’m not complaining, especially since, like I said, I didn’t even leave the house for a week after I got back. It was also good that I stayed home because our cats were not thrilled to have been left for three weeks. Usually when we go away, we have friends that watch over our cats, as we did this time as well, but this was Mae’s first time being left for such a long time. Meyo is used to these trips, I like to think anyway, but Mae is not. Upon our return, much like Meyo after that first time, she was crying a lot and following us around wherever we went. This is pretty standard behavior for our cats anyway, so needy, but she was much more talkative than usual. I know she was just letting us know she did not like being left for that long.

“Where have you been?” “Why didn’t you take me?” “Where are you going now?” “How long are you leaving this time?” I could just imagine all of the questions. You put words into your animals’ mouths, right? After a few days, they seemed to have gotten into their summer naps-in-the-sun-all-day habits and back to a normal routine.

Now, I’m wondering what to do with myself for the month of July. What do my new fellow non-working types do? I’ve cleaned the entire house and made some homemade pickles and carrot cake and keep knitting that blanket for the babe I started. I wonder what other projects I can find for myself to get involved in. Tips? ^^

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