How We Revealed The Gender Of Our Baby

Living abroad when you’re going through big life changes that you’d like to share with your family can be rough.

Luckily, planes, trains and automobiles exist.

Though we can’t celebrate every part of our first pregnancy with my family in person, there are things we’ve been able to share through video calls and online and last week week we were able to fly to the States for three weeks to see them in person too. While we were home, we decided to make the reveal of our baby’s gender a bit of a spectacle in order to celebrate at least one aspect of this child within with everyone.

We met up with our family in New Orleans to celebrate our aunt and uncle’s 60th birthday and after the drinks were drunk and the food was eaten and everyone had wandered up and down Bourbon Street numerous times over the weekend, Sunday morning arrived and it was time for another celebration of sorts. We purchased silly string before hand and divvied it out to some of the younger family members and that was to be how they would find out the gender. Is it pink or is it blue?Our Baby Gender RevealIt was exciting and a great way to celebrate one part of the pregnancy with our family members back home in the States. Quite a few people mentioned that they had never been apart of a “gender reveal” but had a great time with it. Can you tell I sent them a color scheme to follow in advance? But don’t we look so great together because of it?

It’s a girl!Our Baby Gender Reveal Our Baby Gender Reveal Our Baby Gender Reveal Our Baby Gender Reveal

With everyone surrounding us as we shared that we are going to have a girl there were smiles everywhere and laughter and fun because of the silly string. Much of the laughter was also brought on because quite a few members of my family had wagered that we’d be having a boy. There are a lot of girls in my family and now there is one more to come and we couldn’t be more excited.

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