Greenplugged Festival with ESD

Every Single Day at Greenplugged Festival 2014Just before Jae-oo and I headed to the States to visit my family, by the way I’m in the Every Single Day at Greenplugged Festival 2014States for three weeks, Every Single Day played at Greenplugged Music Festival on the Wind Stage at Nanji Park. The crowds were pretty massive and it seemed clear that people had been waiting to get out and listen to music and put aside some worries for a couple days. So many of the festivals and concerts around the country had been cancelled or postponed for a time, but with summer in full swing, people were ready to get out and about and enjoy some good music.

The trio was joined on stage by guitarist Sung-hoon Choi of Romantisco and keyboardist Gyung Chun Go. The concerts are pretty fun with more and more people recognizing the songs that Every Single Day is putting out and that makes for some great sing-alongs. The group is most famous for music from the Korean TV dramas I Hear Your Voice, Pasta and Cheongdamdong Alice among others and the songs from the shows are really what get peoples’ toes tapping and more often than not, their video cameras rolling.

Every Single Day at Greenplugged Festival 2014If you’re at a festival this summer and you see Every Single Day on the line-up, be sure to check them out and you’ll probably be able to spot me in the crowd singing along too. ^^


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