Rocking Out with a New Member!

Some if you might be thinking it’s about time, while others had no idea this was coming.

Rocking Out with New Member Baby Announcement,

The last three months have been a compilation of excitement, exhaustion and empathy with a being I haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting yet.

The feelings of lethargy overtook me when I would usually be bounding out the door to somewhere or another. Luckily, there wasn’t morning sickness to speak of just some nausea at the smell of… well I’m still not sure what was causing it. My husband was on top of things with iron heavy seaweed soup to help me cope and boost my energy and our cats couldn’t keep away from me. I think they’ve been enjoying the abnormal amount of heat radiating from my body. We are happy to say that we will be rocking out with a new member in the family come November.

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Rocking Out with New Member Baby Announcement Rocking Out with New Member Baby Announcement

We’re in the second trimester now, which I’ve read is the easiest of the three. The summer should be fun and you’ll probably see some pictures of a growing bump scattered among the posts. What’s more exciting is my sister is also pregnant and we’re just a month apart. We’ve been on the phone constantly comparing the weight redistribution currently taking place and the cravings.

Rocking Out with New Member Baby AnnouncementAlso exciting is that within our group of my husband’s friends, four couples are pregnant and we are all within just a few months of each other. Having never been pregnant before makes this thrilling and a little nerve-wracking, but add living in a foreign country and feelings of annoyance at not finding things easily or where you’d think they’d be or just not finding the correct sizes also comes into play. Thankfully, those four other couples are just a phone call away and two of them live in our neighborhood. If you see three women waddling around, two of them Korean and one me, you’ll know that’s us.

The adventure begins.

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