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The Man On The Moon, Olivia McNair

The Man On The Moon, Olivia McNair

The Crazy Multiply Art Collective had yet another fantastic show bringing together artists and musicians under one basement roof in the Hongdae area this past weekend under the title of  쪽, “Jjok”.

This show focused on line and direction and if the title of the show is confusing, just say what you normally say to your taxi drivers in your head a few times and you’ll figure out where the “jjok” is coming from. The show was not only quite successful, they brought in 175 people continuing to improve on their numbers with every show, but it was also a “goodbye” and “we’ll see you later” as two of the curators, Laura MacDonald and Olivia McNair, will depart this month onto more adventures to come. Not to worry though, the art collective will carry on under the direction of Amy Smith and, surprise, me!Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea

This show featured work by artists: Lindsay Gallivan, Mary Hickman, Martin Hynes, Aidan Jansen, Jung, Laura MacDonald, Sarah McCauley, Olivia McNair, Kyungduck Park, Megan Ratliff, Rachel Rothwell, Amy Smith and Stephanie Yost.Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea

One of the highlights were six pieces that covered the wall from top to bottom done by Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, KoreaOlivia McNair which featured an endearing tale of the man on the moon. The piece, the first picture in this post, shares the story of how the moon waxes and wanes and how Olivia thought that happened with a man on the moon mopping it up. There was some great photography by Kyungduck Park, who will be in a gallery this month in Mullae-dong as well as some intricate needlework done by Stephanie Yost and Amy Smith. Overall the show went off without a hitch and brought together an assortment of personalities.

The music was presented by local bands Angry Bear, Lions on the Beach, Billy Carter, Dongmyo Police Box and Henry Demos and the beer provided by Seoul Homebrew was sold out by the end, a clear indication of how great it was. As the group continues to gain in notoriety, be on the lookout for the next show and for those people interested in getting involved feel free to contact CrazyMultiply on the Facebook Page.Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea

To read more about Crazy Multiply and get more information on how it started and what they, I guess I should say we now, aim to do, check out this article I wrote a few months back.

Crazy Multiply Art Collective "Jjok", Seoul, Korea

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