The Mysterious Mandeoksa Temple

Mandeoksa TempleMandeoksa TempleMandeoksa TempleMandeoksa TempleLast month, while enjoying the rainy snow festival on Taebaeksan I spotted the tall golden statues of this temple from afar and figured while in the area… This is Mandeoksa, 만덕사.

I play a game with Dale Quarrington of Dale’s Korean Temple Adventures, though he doesn’t know it and I was excited to think I may win this round. I love his blog on Korean temples and have been able to learn so much more about these temples that I visit because of his work. For anyone that hasn’t visited his blog, you should. He has done such a great job finding Korean temples and bringing the information together, but my game, that only I know exists, is called “I bet Dale hasn’t seen this one yet”. I actually win quite a few rounds in my head because he doesn’t have too many temples on his site from the north, which is where I usually find the ones I visit, but still. One day he’ll come up here and I’ll have beat him to them.

Two tall golden statues beckon those in the area to come in for a visit. They can be seen from a ways down the mountain in the winter when the trees are bare and the only colors of the surroundings are browns and the white of the snow. The gold is striking. I wasn’t able to find too much information about this temple unfortunately. It was a treat to visit while on Taebaeksan though and I hope when Dale does get around to visiting it, I can learn more.

Mandeoksa TempleMandeoksa TempleMandeoksa TempleMandeoksa Temple

Mandeoksa TempleMandeoksa Temple

Mandeoksa TempleAddress:

강원도 태백시 문곡소도동 196

196 Moongoksodo-dong Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

The Mysterious Mandeoksa Temple, Taebaek, Korea

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    A great article! Thanks for the link love!

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    A great article. And thanks for the link love. Much appreciated 🙂

  1. December 10, 2015

    […] if the snowy mountains aren’t enough and you want just a bit more to do, there’s also a beautiful temple and train museum in the vicinity. Traditional performances and a good ole fashion karaoke outside […]

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