November On The Go!

November was a good month! We were finally able to move. I’ll show off our new house soon and talk about why it took us so long to move when I’m ready. The contract for our last house ended in May and even though we were renters and should have been able to move out at the end of it, our landlords had lost all of our key money. Basically, we couldn’t move out until someone else wanted to move in so that we could take the key money from the new renters and it took six months for someone to finally want our old place. There were stressful moments and then about four months in I just didn’t care anymore and then suddenly someone wanted our place and we could finally hunt for our new place. We found one and moved this month. Finally! Here are a few of the before pictures. We had two days to go in and fix up the place before our stuff was moved in and we put a lot of sweat into it and it came out pretty smashing…. but you’ll have to wait for the after pictures.

We moved in to the new place and the cats were NOT happy. Meyo spent two days, and I’m not exaggerating, two days under the couch without eating or going to the bathroom after we moved. It took us a bit to finally coax him out. He didn’t like the moving process at all, the movers had really scared him as he really hates most other people aside from my husband and me and the movers took away all of his hiding places. He’s almost back to himself though, almost. Mae was a little more adventurous in the new house early on, but she’s reverted back to her baby days of crying and meowing constantly. The house is bigger and I think when she can’t see us she just gets worried we’ve left. I really just don’t know how we ended up with two of the most needy cats I’ve ever seen. Cats are supposed to be loners and take care of themselves, aren’t they? Not mine… at all.

Most of the month surrounded the moving, getting ready to move, moving and then decorating and what not to the new place, but that didn’t keep me in all month. There’s always time for friends, or there should be. From eating out friends to friends that like to get out and about with me in the cold and see lantern lights. I love them all.

It’s still a little weird cooking in the new kitchen, but I’m getting used to it. I also gave myself a bit of a mission to cook more fishy goods. We go shopping at the Mangwon Market for our produce every week and there is just so much fish to choose from, but I don’t know how to choose, or what to do with most of it, but I decided I wanted to force myself. I bought some of the easier ones that I could recognize this week, shrimp and mussels, and had at it. We stir fried the shrimp with garlic, lemon and some red pepper for a spicy dish and steamed the mussels in a mix of white wine, lemon, garlic and onions. Both dishes were fantastic and now I want to try my hand at more.

We also found a shabu shabu restaurant that is amazing, or just has amazing quantities of different mushrooms. So delicious, just outside and down the street to the left of Hongik University Station, exit 2. Yum!

To wrap up the month, I found a snail in my spinach, an awkward sign that I still can’t understand, got the dish I painted in Cheongsong in the mail, made my first rosemary flat bread and then ate it, got our first housewarming gift literally the day we signed the new house contract rather than the day we actually moved, and finally started saying goodbye to autumn and hello to winter by starting to make my Christmas cards. A busy, but lovely month of November.

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