Yeonnamdong Dumb & Dumber

I went back in the archives and found these clips of some our friends and great musicians, Yeonnamdong Dumb & Dumber. The band has gone through some growing pains since there debut, and this video, back in 2011 and have changed to a duo, though in concert you’ll catch them with some regulars playing along or acting in the background for greater effect. Members Uijun Hwang (황의준), better known as Kalgolee (갈고리) as in Hook, like Captain Hook, and Taejin Kim (김태진), better known as Nimmy Kim (니미킴) strum guitars and sing songs about their pursuit of women, what the women say and do on dates or the telephone versus what they’d like to do on dates, and other just as humorous topics. Their shows are always fun and good for a laugh while at the same time offer up some great tunes and showcase their amazing talent. Both guys are members of the band Wiretap In My Ear (내 귀에 도청장치), an industrial rock band, and use this side project to play completely different music. You can catch them in clubs, bars, restaurants or on the street in Hongdae regularly as well as festivals around the country. They play wherever the mood strikes and make videos just as often as they play in concert. Like their Facebook page to keep tabs on their comings and goings and I highly recommend you catch them if you can.

Yeonnamdong Dumb & Dumber

너랑 하고 싶다 (I Want To You)

For the official video and the full song, check here.

우리 지금 만나 (Let’s Meet Now)

 A Cover Song, originally performed by 장기하

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    […] band is made up of “Uijun Hwang (황의준), better known as Kalgolee (갈고리) as in Hook, like Captain Hook, […]

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