Happy Chuseok


추석 잘보내세요! Happy Chuseok!
Today is Chuseok in Korea. It’s similar to Thanksgiving in the States. Families gather to remember and say thank you to their ancestors for a good harvest on August 15th of the moon calendar which falls on September 19th this year. Everyone wakes early to shower and cleanse themselves before dressing in traditional clothing, like my hanbok, or nice clothes. Altars are set with fruits, fish, meat and importantly as it is harvest season rice and a charye ceremony is performed. We bow to our ancestors and dish them up soup and rice and pour a few glasses of alcohol followed by two bows to the floor after each drink is given. In our family we say thank you to seven ancestors which means by the end of the ceremony we’ve bowed about 24 times give or take. We end the ceremony with everyone in the family sitting down to eat together.

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