ESD: Yes, I’m in love

Coinciding with the recent release of their EP Sky Bridge the band Every Single Day also released a new music video for the title track on the album “Yes, I’m in love”.

It’s been two years since the release of a CD from this group and even longer for a music video. Their last music video was for “Lucky Day” the title track on their album The Bright Side back in 2008. Their new music video features the guys at a campsite grilling out, swimming and enjoying a weekend away and if you’ve ever wondered what they were like offstage, this is exactly what they’re like. Check it out.

ESD 구름다리

1. Yes, I’m in love

2. 나에게 기대어 (Lean On Me)

3. 비밀 (Secret)

4. 낮잠 (Feat. 달샤벳 우희) (Nap)

5. 피크닉 (Picnic)

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