August On The Go!

I wrote this last week but other posts got pushed to the top. It’s already September! The end of summer is almost here. They’ve closed the public pools around the city and school has started back for the semester, but oh was August fun. I headed to Jisan Valley Rock Festival with my husband’s band Every Single Day and they played to an amazing crowd. I always love watching them, but it gives me goose bumps, or chicken skin as the Koreans would say, when lots of people around me get into it too. I headed to the south of Thailand for a ten day vacation to visit a great friend who lives there now. She certainly has no complaints about the place and now I completely understand why. Beautiful beaches, lakes, delicious food and of course lots of monkeys and clear blue water to swim in when it’s hot. I also couldn’t help but notice how well the neighborhood pets were treated. Cats that were fed well and some even with tags though they clearly lived outside. I made some cat friends but they couldn’t replace my own at home. It was a perfect getaway except that I missed my husband who couldn’t join me because of his busy concert schedule and so of course the day I arrived back in Korea the first thing I did was attend another festival in Suwon where Every Single Day was playing.


Meyo, my big fat cat, ran away from me when I got home from the trip and I think he was rather confused about who I was. I must have smelled funny because it took him a moment to come around. But of course after Meyo and Mae remembered who I was, it was back to the usual shenanigans and sleeping on my lap… or under a rug after the exhaustion hit from so much playing.


I wrapped up the month with a beautiful wedding of some good friends, one of whom I’ve known for six years here in Korea. It was great to see him so happy and to see another friend that I’ve had the entire time I’ve lived here. It can be difficult to find people that have or will stay in Korea as long as I have already or longer. It’s nice to see people that I’ve known for so long and remember how much we’ve all done together. As many friends as I can make while I’m here and really make lasting friendships with, subsequently saying goodbye to them when their contracts end after a year or two doesn’t get any easier. It’s just so nice to have some friends that I haven’t had to say goodbye to just yet.IMG_1343


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