Railay, Thailand: A Picture Story

Railay, Thailand: West Railay, East Railay, Pranang and Tonsai. Beautiful beaches and amazing karsts catering to rock climbers. Beautiful blue ocean waves and white sand. Flowers, monkeys and more.
Railay, Thailand

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From Aonang, hop aboard a boat headed to Railay in the morning and be sitting beach side on perfect white sand in no time. The water can be choppy and the boats aren’t that large or heavy so if you’re prone to seasickness, be prepared. Disembarking can also lead one to get very wet so hold on to your stuff and pay attention to the boat crew’s directions!

Railay, Thailand

Appealing options in the area to stay include: Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa for an exquisite resort that would make anyone want to stay in the resort the whole time over heading out. Railay Great View Resort and Railay Garden View Resort both offer some very appealing private bungalows to sleep in that would give anyone those island vibes.

Caves, karsts and more provide natural decoration to the small island-like coast. Resorts, bungalows and seaside dwellings offer the perfect stay in this picture perfect area. Sunning, eating, exploration and rock climbing are what await here.Railay, Thailand

Railay, Thailand

Railay, ThailandFlowers and monkeys appeal to the eyes and provide much to look at when the sea can’t be seen. The paths wind this way and that connecting the hidden dwellings to the beach and the boardwalks.
Railay, Thailand

For more on the area and what to see, check out my post:

Railay, Thailand: Picture Perfect.

Railay, Thailand: A Picture Story

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