A Tribute to Breakfast

~Always looking forward to the morning meal. ~

I adore breakfast, or maybe I should clarify and say I adore western style breakfast.

I haven’t been able to get completely used to the idea of Korean breakfast, e.g. rice and kimchi,quite yet. I’ve been working on incorporating more Korean food into my cooking repertoire but that only extends to lunch and dinner at the moment. I’m quite thankful that my husband wakes up and is just fine with eating a western style meal, though I will admit that he has convinced me that the Korean style of eating a big bowl of hot soup when one is hungover is indeed better than the greasy mess my university counterparts once taught me was the cure.

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  1. johqpohq says:

    Looks delicious! My dream would be to have a healthy fresh smoothie every day but that would be quite expensive..so usually Ill just have for example a yogurt instead 🙂

    • Hallie says:

      That’s quite healthy. I am quite enthusiastic about breakfast and often make too much. My husband is always telling me there’s only two of us, yet I seem to cook for four. I should get out just some yogurt tomorrow and see what he says. ^^

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