Dongrimsa Temple in Gimhae, South Korea

Dongrimsa Temple, Gimhae, Korea Dongrimsa Temple, Gimhae, KoreaSitting just 400 meters away from the more popular Eunhasa Temple on Sineosan Mountain, or Fish of the Gods Mountain, is Dongrimsa Temple (동림사). As it is smaller and was quieter without the people milling around on Lunar New Year, it felt as if we’d arrived to a shop afterhours. Also said to be from the time of King Suro in the Gaya Kingdom, it was supposedly established by King Suro’s wife’s, Heo Hwangok, brother, monk Jangyuhwasang. It features a tall statue of Jijang-bosal, the God of the Afterlife, in the courtyard surrounded by six smaller statues of Jijang-bosal that are the most telling feature of the temple. The statue is rather imposing, rising above the buildings and standing strong in front of the Sineosan Mountains and definitely worth the trip if in the area. As if it weren’t obvious by the statue outside, inside the main hall is a wall devoted to those that are deceased and yet another statue of the God of the Afterlife. This temple is dedicated to the dead and intricately decorated to do so.

Dongrimsa Temple, Gimhae, Korea

Dongrimsa Temple


경상남도 김해시 삼방동 산120-1

120-1 San Sambang-dong Gimhae-si Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

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  1. October 2, 2015

    […] Park, learned about the historical relevance of the area at King Suro’s Tomb and enjoyed Dongrimsa and Eunhasa Buddhist temples located nearby. While there for Chuseok this past weekend, we decided […]

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