Hanging Out with Rock Stars

When I was growing up, I was in two choirs, took piano lessons and learned to play the violin in school. Even though I enjoyed singing and playing instruments, it didn’t really cross my mind when I was younger that I could play the piano or violin or sing as a career when I grew up. I imagine most musicians grow up thinking being a musician is the only thing they can do, just as I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. I didn’t know that I would end up teaching in Korea, but so it goes.

My husband grew up learning to play instruments, as many children do, and realized that’s what he wanted to do. His parents were not thrilled by his career choice and it wasn’t until years later when he finally started making money doing what he loves that they accepted it. I, honestly, adore watching him on stage. You can tell when you see someone doing what they love and he really shows just that on stage. Through him, I have been lucky to meet many other musicians in Korea. To be really honest, I don’t know how famous or not they are. To me most of them aren’t that famous because I didn’t grow up listening to them. I often wonder what American musicians these guys would be on par with so I can gauge what my reaction should be when meeting them or hanging out with them. It never sticks though and I treat them like I would any other new person I meet. Maybe that’s why we end up getting along.

I don’t usually post pictures of our friends on my blog because I feel it is somewhat invasive to post personal pictures of friends when we are just hanging out, but a few weeks ago our night out wasn’t of the personal sort and more of the party sort so the pictures that were taken seemed appropriate enough for the blog.

Me and my husband, Jae-oo Jung of Every Single Day

with Sung-min Ju of Beat Burger previously of Schizo

with Hyun-song of The Koxx

with Heullang of Pia

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