A Typhoon Hits Seoul… sort of

Typhoon, Seoul, KoreaThis week there was a typhoon warning and schools were cancelled in Seoul, Korea. Typhoon, Seoul, KoreaTyphoon, Seoul, Korea Typhoon, Seoul, Korea

Typhoon, Seoul, KoreaLooking outside my window I didn’t see much rain or winds and wondered what it looked like down on the Han River. Schools in Korea hardly ever get cancelled and if they were cancelled I imagined the worst, but wasn’t seeing it. A friend and I decided to head to the river and at the first entrance were turned away by some sort of Han River guard on his bike. We decided to go down further and try entering down there. It couldn’t be that dangerous afterall, right? Luckily, there were no guards further up and so we walked in. Interestingly enough, there was a guy working in the convenience store on the river bank, so obviously guards only monitor certain areas of the river, and this area wasn’t one of them.


Typhoon, Seoul, KoreaThe winds were strong and some of the smaller trees had been uprooted, but it wasn’t nearly what I had expected. I imagine it was better than what anyone had expected though. Every once in awhile the weather surprises me and this storm was beautiful in its strength and power and I appreciated being able to see it.


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