Seoul’s Fire Flower Play

One of our friends lives in Yeouido and he’d convinced Jae-oo, who told me, that this was NOT the festival to attend because the traffic is nuts and there are far too many people for comfort. After I put my foot down and said I was going with or without him and walked out the door he came jogging after. I’ve never been to this show and well, fireworks are fireworks. The fourth of July, no matter where you are in the States, is blanket to blanket with people on grass trying to see and traffic jams galore when the show is over, so it didn’t much matter where I was as long as I got to see some fire flowers. I know it’s far from July and this is not celebrating the US Independence from England, but fireworks are still exciting and sometimes I like to be a part of a big group staring up at the sky in awe.

Apparently this particular fireworks show is hosted by Hanwha, which manufactures fireworks and uses this opportunity to showcase new products. This year there were three teams, one from Japan, Portugal and Korea showing off their stuff.

There were loads of people and because we showed up just at the start of the show at 7:30PM we were obviously too late to get a seat on the grass but there was still plenty of standing space on the Mapo Bridge and we could see just fine from there. There seemed to be music that accompanied the shows but we couldn’t hear any of it, which would be the only pitfall about standing on the bridge to watch.

The show was what you’d expect of a fireworks show, nothing more nothing less. The only thing I noticed, and maybe because I haven’t been to a fireworks display in awhile is they’ve gotten much more intricate with their works. There were smiley faces and the alphabet at one point. Pretty soon it’ll just be traditional fireworks and the intermissions, instead of silence, will be more fireworks that spell out companies who have paid for advertisements.

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