The Busan Rock Festival Rocked My World

Never able to pass up free room and board and backstage passes I went with Jae-oo down to Busan for the annual Busan Rock Festival this past weekend. Every Single Day has played at this festival before, but the crowd this year was bigger than I’d ever seen and that made it all the more fun.

I’m not such a loner backstage anymore as, after attending these festivals year after year, I’ve got a pretty good handle on who’s who and where I can and can’t go now. The same groups of people run pretty much all of the big festivals so once you’ve met a few of the festival managers you see them over and over again. That’s good for me, since the first time I was on stage when they played I wasn’t sure where exactly to be and I stood behind the workers and couldn’t see much. At least now I get right up there and see what I want to see.

What I want to see is Jae-oo rocking it and lots of screaming fans. One of these days I’ll just run out there when I get amped up and do a little strut with them. Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

This concert was pretty cool since Hyo-jun their previous drummer, who had to leave to do his army service, had a break so he joined them on stage as well as a friend Tae-sung who added some electronics to the mix for a pretty great concert.

They’ve got their own concert set up for this Friday, August 12 at Club Ta in Hongdae to celebrate the release of their fifth album Moment and then headed back to Busan for the next two weekends in August. The last weekend will be rounding out the month with the Busan Sunset Festival. I love August and music festivals and getting backstage passes to them.

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