Brain Factory: Jee Young Lee, Stage of Mind

A very small, but welcoming, gallery the Brain Factory surprised me on my walk today. Taking a different route than usual, I decided to see what was on the left side of Gyeongbukgung rather than the ever busier Anguk, on the right side. Wondering if there were just as many galleries I made my way and here I came upon the Brain Factory. A group of high school girls were inside taking photos of themselves in front of the works and so I popped in for a look myself. Of course, that was enough to usher them out so I had the very intimate space to myself. There didn’t seem to be a curator monitoring the place, but that was fine by me. In a city like Seoul there are often people on my heels wherever I am so a little out of the way place like this with no one in it was a welcome respite.

The Brain Factory, established in 2003, is a non-profit exhibition space that provides a place for artists of any nationality and age to exhibit work here for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. “The exhibition program at the Brain Factory enables artists and curators to carry out an exhibition by maintaining a close one to one interaction between a curator and an artist. This creates an ideal environment to display their capacities to the maximum and raise various and dynamic voices towards the mainstream arts infrastructure.”

They are currently hosting the work of Jee-young Lee entitled Stage of Mind until May 29th. She is the set designer, sculptor, performer, installation artist and photographer in all of her works and the effects she manipulates to “expand and contract physical space” are enticing.

To get there: Brain Factory is located right across from the west side of the wall of Kyeongbokgung Palace. Take subway line No.3 and get off at Kyeongbokgung station. Walk along the west side of the wall of Kyeongbokgung Palace toward north about 300 meters. You will find Brain Factory at the corner of first traffic light.

Brain Factory

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