Space Study at the new Plateau

Originally established as the Rodin Gallery in 1999, the newly named Plateau Gallery (플라토 미술관) has reopened after a three year absence from the art scene here in Seoul. The gallery focuses on contemporary art “dedicated to introducing the newest experiments and significant achievements in the field”. Run by the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art I had high expectations for what I would find here. To put themselves back on the map their inaugural exhibition includes works by 14 artists “reflecting on PLATEAU as a site of past memory and new challenges” in the exhibition Space Study until July 10.

The main entrance showcases the two works by Rodin, The Gates of Hell and The Burghers of Calais, which prompted the original name of the gallery, along with Kimsooja’s Lotus: Zone of Zero. 384 Lotus lanterns float in a circle overhead as Gregorian, Tibetan and Islamic chants echo simultaneously uniting in the center. The main entrance is dramatic and the glass surrounding the pieces in the center makes for some pleasing ambiance.

Some works by Jae Oon Rho include Double-flowered, Ladder, Braindead Scape, Dlaatu Barada Nikto and Transporter. The works together are shown to represent a “hybrid space of reality and imagination based on the theme of space transport.”

Another artist In Sook Kim has three works Saturday Night, Walter Knoll, and Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in the show. The works are interesting and I suggest looking closely after you stand back for a moment to see the intricate parts of each. The focus through the three pieces is on life as seen through glass structures becoming more popular in contemporary architecture, which contradicts peoples’ increasing demand for privacy.

Other artists include Donghee Koo, KDK, Kim Mujun, Minae Kim, Junebum Park, Ahn Kyuchul, Lee Bul, Chang SungEun, Soyoung Chung, Jaeho Jung, and Sasa[44].


세종대로 죽구 태평로2가 150

55 Sejong-daero Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: 1577-7595


Bus: 150, 406, 408, 500, 504, 603, 604, 700, 707, N16, 1711, 7011, 7022

Subway: City Hall Station, exit 8. Walk straight, the gallery will be on your right. OR Seoul Station, exit 3. Walk straight, the gallery will be on your left.


1 hour free parking in the Samsung Plaza Parking Lot with Plateau admission ticket.


Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Closed Mondays and during exhibition preparation periods.

Website: Plateau Gallery

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