Yeouido: Blossoms, Bumping & Good Bites

Spring means blossoms and the place to see them in Seoul is either Yeouido, or Namsan so I hear. Yesterday, I was off work and it was sunny so Yeouido it was. I took the 753 bus from Hongdae to Yeouido on a 15 minute or so ride. Even before we’d crossed the bridge I could see the banks of the river on the other side with more people than usual meandering around and basking in the sun. I should rephrase, Koreans don’t really bask, they were sitting on blankets in sunny areas, yet all covered up. Once we reached the other side I could clearly see where we were supposed to go to see the flowers. The street was lined with them.

Along with the flowers were the many vendors with food galore and people hustle bustling around. I’m glad it was early in the afternoon so there weren’t nearly as many people as I’d heard could be there come after work time and on the weekend.

And everyone was walking along the strip with the same thing in mind, or sort of. After walking up and down the street it becomes where is the bus to take me home, since the routes have been slight adjusted due to the road being closed for this festival. Or, is there anything else to do besides eating and looking at flowers? The answer to that is no. Or, where did my friends go? They were just here a minute ago. Oops, sorry, another bump in the side, or a step on the foot.

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