French Horn Rebellion make a scene

Enthusiastically unimpressed.

When I thought this morning about what I’d write I had hoped I would be a bit more optimistic than I was last night at the end of the French Horn Rebellion concert. But I’m not. That’s not to say that French Horn Rebellion sucked. Not at all. I’d say it’s whoever was directing the show.

To begin, my friends and I showed up at Rolling Hall at 10:30 expecting a show that was slated to start at 11:00 to already have the doors open and letting people in. Instead we found the Perlick-Molinari brothers, the French Horn Rebellion duo, waiting outside with the rest of fans unable to get into the venue that had locked doors. That looked promising.

Jae-oo had come with me and he has concerts at this venue regularly so I thought perhaps no one told the guys you can get in to the backstage through a back door. I meandered over, asked for a pic, and then politely asked if my boyfriend could help them try to go in the back door. The guys were pleased with the sound of that because they also didn’t know what was going on but knew of course they should already be inside sound checking and what not. Jae-oo took them around only to find the backdoor, which is never locked, locked. So much for that idea. They knocked on the front door of Rolling Hall a couple times and someone finally came up to let them in.

That right there was a perfect example of what the Super Color Super people should have been taking care of. Who let’s their main act sit outside, locked out, of the venue their supposed to be playing in? I’m starting to see a trend here. For anyone that went to the CocoRosie show here you know what that was like getting in. With a venue like V-Hall where the venue is four or five flights down into the basement to have people wrapping around the stairwell with no signs letting them know about one line for ticket holders or one line for ticket buyers it was a bit of chaos. The people in the stairwells didn’t know where they were supposed to be, one line or two, there was no end in sight and there was no one directing traffic. Everyone filed in late and the show started later.

This show was practically the same thing. As ticket holders, the group I was with decided to sit in a hof and wait for the line, that was wrapped around the building standing to get into a door that was still locked at 11:00, to go down. We knew there’d be a pre-act so we figured we could wait and get in easily around 12:00. At 12:30 the line was still wrapped around the building and the show had already started. What exactly was taking so long? I’ve been to numerous concerts in this venue and when the Rolling Hall staff are running things it’s never like that, so I’m going to blame this on the Super Color Super staff once again.

To top it off when we did get up to the door the woman at the door checked her list and said we weren’t on it. Trust me, I paid. I had received an email and everything, as had the other 10 people I was with. She asked if we had proof, which in and of itself is a fine question, except that at that current moment the idea that I could have been lying to see this show was beyond me and perturbed me to be asked in such a fashion. Luckily I own an Iphone and, so yes, I did have proof as a matter of fact, I showed her the email. Then of course I had to let my friends all bring up their email on my phone to get in. Quite the lame situation, but we got it eventually.

Once we did get in the place was packed, foreigners weren’t following the “No Smoking” signs as usual, which in a place with no windows in the basement isn’t comfortable for a non-smoker like me, but I got over that. The concert pretty much looked like the above the whole time. Personally, when I go to a concert, I want to see the artist or musician playing. At first I thought maybe this is a French Horn Rebellion thing. They play in the dark so no one can see them. This morning I googled pictures of their past performances only to be struck with an onslaught of clearly visible guys playing their stuff. Am I disappointed or what? I can listen to them without seeing them anytime I want at home. Again, whoever was running the lights only used a third of what he/she was capable of using and it was all backlighting. Honestly, we couldn’t have figured that out easily enough?

Rant over, except to say that whoever is running the Super Color Super group, please get your act together. I’m liking the upcoming events you’re hosting, but I’m disliking you currently. I’m sure that hits you hard in places you don’t like being hit, so let’s work on this together.

Robert Perlick-Molinari – Lead Vocals/ Keyboards/French Horn

David Perlick-Molinari – Vocals/Keyboards/Programming —Live Arsenal— Paul Hammer – Drums Deidre Muro – Vocals

The music was great and the crowd was even better. People were in the groove and ready to have a good time. The duo themselves commented on all of the movement pleased that the crowd was having so much fun. Towards the end people jumped up on stage and turned it into a dance party all the way up with the duo on stage, ending on a high note.

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