Last But Definitely Not Least Pia.

Finally, on Sunday at Rolling Hall in Hongdae Pia, the final band to play, took the stage. Friends for a few years now, I still enjoy their show just like the first time I saw ‘em. I also enjoy the fans that watch Pia who actually get out and move and jostle and do all the good stuff you’re supposed to do when watching music. I say this only because often at shows Koreans just stand and do this nodding motion but don’t actually move any of their other body parts. It’s been bugging me since my first concert here long ago because I think if you go to a concert it means you should be moving around, you can nod your head at home!

Yohan (요한) : Vocal

Hullang (헐랭) : Guitar

Ki-Bum (기범) : Bass

SimZ (심지) : F.X (effects – Turntables, Samples, Keyboard, etc.)

Hyeseung (혜승) : Drum

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