Every Single Day takes the Stage

Every Single Day (에브리싱글데이) took the stage after Rainy Sun on Sunday at the Rock’n Roll Big Show at Rolling Hall in Hongdae last Sunday, March 27, 2011. I got some photos of the guys doin’ their thing. They played songs from their last CD The Bright Side as well as some crowd pleasing songs they wrote and produced for My Princess this year.

I wondered what they’d sound like and how the crowd would accept them playing after the psychodelic rock/ heavy metal likings of Rainy Sun and before the nu metal sounds of Pia, but the crowd, well maybe mostly the girls, were giddy with pleasure when they took the stage and played their beats.

문성남 Sung-nam Moon, vocals and bass

정재우 Jae-oo Jung, guitars and programming

김효영 Hyo-yung Kim, drums

I couldn’t get any shots of Hyo-yung from where I was, but there’s always next time buddy!

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