Free Shuttle Bus… not getting nearly the attention I’d expect

I’ve heard here and there snippets of this free shuttle bus in Korea but have yet to meet anyone that has used it. I wonder if it’s due to the departure times or due to the certain number of people accepted to go. Either way, I think more people should use this and let me know about it. I’d use it but after my renting a car and driving to Jindo last week I’ll probably be opting for cars over buses for the next few trips just because it was such great fun.

Also, the service takes you to Busan, Gyeongju and Jeonju, all places I’ve been, and would go again, but these days am opting for the “other” places I haven’t yet been.

For all of those foreigners in Korea looking for a free, as far as transportation goes, trip to Busan, Gyeongju or Jeonju check out “Visit Korea Year’s” website. You can make a reservation and then they will notify you if you’ve made the cut. You must take along your passport, no other form of identification, as usual the ARC is useless, and you can hop aboard.

Seoul to Gyeongju Departure time: 8:00; Arrival: 13:00
Gyeongju to Seoul Departure time: 16:00; Arrival: 21:00

Seoul to Jeonju Departure time: 8:00; Arrival: 11:00
Jeonju to Seoul Departure time: 17:00; Arrival: 20:00

Seoul to Busan Departure time: 8:00; Arrival: 14:00
Busan to Seoul Departure time: 4:00; Arrival 22:30

*Personally, I’d try the Gyeongju or Jeonju routes. To Busan the KTX may be expensive but it’s much faster.

Visit Korea Year Free Shuttle Bus Registration

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