Dumb and Dumber on the scene

Last night, Tuesday, Freebird was hosting some friends of mine and their new band Dumb and Dumber (덤앤더머) a fairly new band on the scene, though they already seem to have a group of girls who will follow them anywhere they want to go. That may be because two of the members are already well known as members of the band Wiretap in My Ear or 내 귀에 도청장치 in Korean. Kim Tae Jin (짐태진) the main guitarist from Wiretap in My Ear and Hwang Wi Joon (황의준) the bassist from Wiretap in My Ear team up with a newbie No Yung Suk (노영석).

A completely different sound than Wiretap in My Ear but some great stuff nonetheless. They put on a fun show with some perverted songs about sex, a song about a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a phone call where Hwang Wi Joon goes back and forth with the guy and girls convo, and a cover song. The six song set was fun and funny and left me wanting more, along with the other 20 girls in the room who were chanting the usual “acorn” at the end.

They don’t seem to be online from what I can find, but I can only search so far on the Korean sites before I get all turned around so check ‘em out if you happen to see a sign about them playing.

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