On a day like yesterday…

If you’re like me you just had to get outside to enjoy that spring weather. Anything over 50 degrees makes me uber excited to get out and do anything as long as I’m outside to do it. With short notice and nothing big on my to-do list hiking at the nearby mountain came to mind. So, out I headed.

Muaksan (무악산) is the site of one of two smoke-signal stations (east and west). The smoke signaling system was based on certain fire and smoke signals, used during night and day, was to notify the government and local residents of an emergency at the border areas. This would allow for rapid response to the emergency. The smoke-signal station in Muaksan was the last stop before reaching the final destination.

Luckily for me, as I haven’t been all that physically active all winter, on my side of Muaksan it’s pretty much all steps heading up to the summit. Even with the steps it took a bit of time, but I made it. The views are spectacular and this was the first time I realized that Doknimmun Station was on the other side, which is where my school also happens to be located. I didn’t realize this was the same mountain I see everyday from my classroom window. So, if I ever have the urge instead of taking a 15 minute bus from Hongdae, where I live, to Doknimmun, where my school is, I could take an hour and some hike over a mountain to get there instead!

This mountain is also pretty neat because there are levelled areas all the way up where they’ve set up badminton courts. There were at least 4 that I found on my way up and down. So, if you feel like hiking AND playing badminton this is the mountain for you!

My walk back is along the Hongjaecheon, one of the many streams that comes off the Han so I took some shots of the art along the way.

One day Santa became a robot with hearts on his mind and flowers in his hand.

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