Chagall in Seoul until March 27

The Seoul Museum of Art is currently hosting a Chagall exhibit that takes up two floors of wall space. There until March 27 you should take a gander if you haven’t yet. Personally I didn’t know much about Chagall going into the visit. I had seen some of his early works and thought a ticket for W12,000 was worth it for me to check out some more. I found his later work really clicked with me and even though there were crowds and annoying tour guides on little megaphones talking to groups of 20 and upward my friend and I managed to find some free space in between the groups and take in the views.

This is apparently the second Chagall retrospective and the conclusion to the Chagall showcase here. This exhibition features the series Decoration of the Jewish Theatre (1920), which he painted for the Jewish Theatre in Moscow.

The series is broken up into six themes to cover Chagall’s “oeuvre”.

1. I and the Village, Russian Period
2. The Bible by Chagall
3. Love and Lovers
4. Decoration of the Jewish Theatre
5. The Circus
6. Works on Paper

If you don’t have W12,000 to spare you can still check out the artwork on the first floor for free. It’s no Chagall but makes the mind wander in any case.
To get there go to City Hall subway station exit 1 or 2. It’s set back in the block but there are plenty of foreign friendly signs and maps of the area.

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