Rebuilt Anytime Anywhere: Platoon Kunsthalle

A few of my friends have “liked” Platoon Kunsthalle (플래툰 쿤스트할레) on their facebook pages and so events that they hold have been popping up on my page recently. I decided to head to Sinsa to find Platoon yesterday and see what this place is all about as the events run from free movie showcases on Tuesdays, to small art exhibits to dj parties. How can all this happen in one venue I wondered.

Built from 28 cargo containers, used to represent a “flexible architecture in a globalized culture”, the space really is great. It’s set in the Sinsa, Gangnam area where posh meets cargo makes quite the artistic statement. You walk in two glass doors at the front into a space that shoots up about four stories. There are tables and chairs in front of a bar filled with any alcohol to suit your needs and a pretty simple menu featuring sausages. Yes, they are originally from Germany, if you couldn’t already tell that from the “Kunsthalle” title, so this makes sense. No one is pushing you to be seated and order anything. The feel is less of a customer entering as it is a fellow artistic person has just come in and no one and everyone is around to toss some ideas around with.

Along the front walls to the left are four cubby holes each featuring art from a different artist and their mission statements just to explain what you may be confused about.

“PLATOON KUNSTHALLE provides showcases of underground artists, studio residencies and a fine selection of cutting-edge stage performances to introduce the energetic potential of subculture in korea and asia”

After checking out the four featured artists on the main floor you can go up a flight of stairs into a small “library” section with comic books and art books to sit and leaf through for a moment on your way up the next flight of stairs. Every area of this place has seating so you can find your own little nook to camp out in and experience art around you. The feeling of freedom and space runs rampant in this place. There are studios with artists making their own work and working with others to produce anything and everything and currently The Korea National University or Arts graduates are showing off their final projects ranging from short films, commercial and music videos to digital films. They’re in Korean but they do have subtitles for those interested in student work.

It’s definitely a place to check out either for the events they host, the djs they get or some artist collaboration happening. It did seem a bit lacking in the amount of actual art they were presenting in such a large space but I did hear that when there is an event the space fills up with people meandering around and it’s more about the collaboration of artists and less about the actual pieces they are showing. “Like” them on facebook and hit up one of the many events they host monthly.


강남구 논현동 97-22

97-22 Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: 02-3447-1191~5



Take 145 or 440 and get off at the “SC First Bank & Horim Art Center” stop.


Take 301, 472, or 361 and get off at the “Youngdong High School” stop.


Hakdong Station, exit 10. Walk for 10 minutes.


Apgujeong Station, exit 3. Walk for 15 minutes.


Restaurant & Bar: 6PM – 1AM

Admission: Free


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