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Hongdae, Seoul, Korea: Trickeye Museum 1

The TrickEye Museum: Revamped

The TrickEye Museum in Hongdae recently had 60% of their artwork revamped and I, along with some friends, were invited out to have some fun and see what they had to offer. To be honest, I have never been interested in the TrickEye Museums around town and wouldn’t have gone out if it weren’t for this invitation. In the end though, we had a great couple of hours of fun and it was even rather baby friendly.


10 Ways To Enjoy the Han River

The Han River is an iconic natural symbol that runs through the center of the city of Seoul. The construction projects that began in the 1980s to give the Han River a needed makeover have been rather successful and now there are plenty of things you can do to enjoy the scenic waterway. Don’t be left out. Here are 10 ways to experience and enjoy the Han River in Seoul from summer to winter either on or along it.

Beijing, China: Temple 1

Beijing, China: Goodbye

The Yonghegong Tibetan Buddhist Lama Temple is the biggest lamesary in Beijing. It was built in 1694 as the residence for Prince Yong of the Qing Dynasty. When the prince became emperor, he changed the residence into a temporary palace called Yonghegong which means palace of harmony and peace and his successor changed the residence into the lama temple that is now. Prince Yong, who had become Emperor Yongzheng, was placed in the temple upon his death in 1735 and his successor, Emperor Qianlong gave the temple imperial status. The status was shown through the changing of the turquoise tiles to yellow tiles which were reserved only for the emperor.