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Korean Eating: Duck Stew 2

Korean Eating: Duck Stew 오리탕

While it looked similar and it had duck as the main ingredient, it wasn’t as thick as the oritang that I had become accustomed to eating in the north. My father-in-law explained that this was actually oritang and what I had wanted based on my description was oribaesuk (오리백숙). I had never heard of the latter and was sure that my teacher friends had always ordered the former, but it seems there is quite a difference.


Korean Cooking: Janchiguksu (잔치국수)

Janchiguksu 잔치국수 is a common meal in Korean homes while also common at wedding buffets and other major events. It’s a warm and light soup that fills you up without weighing you down. It is one of my all time favorites that I could eat anytime. It’s a pretty straightforward noodle soup with fish broth and some vegetables to top it off. It’s a good basic Korean soup to learn and from there, you can shoot for the more difficult stews.