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Learning Korean With Noisy Salesmen

When I first came to Korea, I had very few expectations about moving abroad. With only a few expectations based on nothing at all Korean, I...

Jeju, Korea: Kalguksu, Korean Soup 4

Conversations With Koreans: Have You Eaten?

Recently in a conversation with four Korean women, the topic of etiquette and manners came up. We were discussing differences from the west compared to Korea. I brought up how endearing, although strange at first, that Koreans consistently ask if I’ve eaten and if I respond that I haven’t, inevitably food shows up.


Conversations with Koreans: Where are you from?

It doesn’t matter how much Korean I speak, or what I’m even doing, this question is bound to come up in every conversation I am having with a Korean. I guess it makes sense; I’m clearly not from here. However, sometimes I just wonder why it’s so common. Yesterday, I was just picking up some milk tea in my local convenience store and as I was checking out, the cashier asked…

Cheongsong Apple Picking, Apple Festival, Cheongsong, Korea 1

On The Phone With My Mother-in-Law

After the apple incident, in which my mother-in-law called one day and asked if I liked apples years ago and I answered yes only to have...


Mom, why can’t I understand them?

I met my husband’s family early on in our relationship. Only a few months into the courtship he was headed down to Busan for something...

Dallas, Texas: Family 1

A Korean Deals with Sarcasm

The second time he came home with me, it was summer and everyone was more comfortable. Jae-oo knew where things were in the house and...