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Hallie & Jae-oo Happy Anniversary 6

The Romantic Korean Pt. 1

I was recently writing up an article for Groove Magazine on the unofficial couple’s holidays of Korea and it got me thinking about how romantic...

Fujica Film: Sydney Australia, Hallie & Jae-oo 5

Our Not So Romantic Holidays

I never had any pretenses about my husband lacking a romantic bone in his body after we ‘celebrated’ our 100 days together. In Korea, couples aren’t so much into celebrating months together like young couples in the States, but November On the Go: Hallie & Jae-oothey’re interested in the 100s. To reach the 100th day is auspicious and often couple rings are exchanged on this day, though at the time I didn’t know anything about this special day.


December On The Go!

This month, the semester ended, my mother-in-law came up to see our new house and friends came to visit from the States. Of course, there...