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Pokhara, Nepal 1

Pokhara, Nepal

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Every Single Day, Korean indie band 14

Every Single Day: A Pictorial History Lesson

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken while I’ve gone to concerts with my husband. From backstage, behind the band and to standing with thousands of people in front of the stage at festivals, this is Every Single Day from my perspective.


September On the Go!

Cooler breezes have blown in and the nights are getting chilly while the days still get pretty hot. It’s always rough dressing for such weather....


A Liebster Award

This week, I got a lovely little message from The Indie Guide to Hongdae, although some time ago Stephanie from Hedgers Abroad sent me a...


December On The Go!

This month, the semester ended, my mother-in-law came up to see our new house and friends came to visit from the States. Of course, there...