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The Soul of Seoul: Scavenging For S(e)oul

The Soul of Seoul: Hanboks, Tea & GoldNot only have I hosted events, but I’ve also designed the event images to go with them.

Events have ranged from cultural learning events where visitors dressed up in Hanboks (Korean traditional clothing) and partook in traditional activities. Events have also been fun races around the city.

The events I have hosted have ranged in number from 12 attendees to 85 attendees.

I’m always looking for fun ways to engage my audience and to work with local entrepreneurs and businesses.

I have worked with a number of local businesses to provide gift certificates and other prizes to attendees.

If you’d like to collaborate on an event, contact me today!

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Laughing, Living & Learning, Groove Magazine, Hallie Bradley, The Soul of Seoul

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